Sushi Doodles

just little sushi watercolors i pushed out the other day 🙂

sushi4 sushi1 sushi5 sushi3 sushi2

mostly im trying to post stuff up again!! so much has happened in six months!! mostly killing it at the day job, mail swapping with wonerful people around the globe (you should try it!) and zine publishing with a partner and starting out our own publication company!

now as 6 months of dust beguin to settle big things are in the horizon… like a solo show in october 😉

hopefuly put some content up again 😛 i shoulde’t be this terrible at the blogging thing but i am….



rosa ❤



thinking fish

hello hello friends!

ahh my first week jobless since summer and it feels goooooddd. 🙂

heres a little digest of what ive been working on this week!

following the delectable sardine can is this carrot goldfish.

IMG_0555 IMG_0563 this piece is made with watercolor, modpodge and the same types of papers the sardines ones (minus the book sheets). its almost finished just need to pop some things up and work on little details like that. right now i’m a bit scared about what project to start next. it feels like the current project is going so well the next one might suck in comparison.

next, we have a sardine book mark. i needed a bookmark. i made one. i loved it, but it still needs some better engineering as far as the cut out bits go, this is just a prototype. i’m gonna look into some better paper, maybe make little collage-y bookmarks..who knows! a snail and slug version of this is in the works as well.

i just started work on my next school fishy project. its still gonna be a collage piece but with a little more…variety. here are my blank sheets! boy do i have plans for these babies ; )

and on a final note here is my first project of this semester that sorta started my little collage adventure. i call it gold fish pieta! i wanted to go back to what i did in high school and use some new media too.

oohh well that’s that for now!

i gots to go get ready. you see, tonight’s first friday in downtown aurora and i will be showing a bit of work at the roundhouse art bar (a first friday venue)! first friday is aurora’s monthly gallery hop full of art, music, wonderful people and jubilance! if you want to know more visit


rosa n.


Delectable Sardines

hello friends!

it has been a big week at rosa headquarters! i left my night  job and have been working on some art. it was a good week, sad in some aspects, but good. now i know what it’s like to have a job, deal with money and have to file taxes. great! now back to being a student with long weekends, even if it’s only for 12 more weeks. 😦

but enough of my ramblings! after 14 scans and a lot of ram purring i was able to upload my latest creation!

its a can of sardines! created using watercolor, book and mulberry papers and mod podge to hold it together!

thanks for clicking by!

rosa n.


more stuff from watercolor 403

another semester is alive and kicking and i am doing my best to keep on making.

i’ve started signing up for a few local art shows and contests. i’m doing my best to push my my career ahead, especially now that graduation is 3 months away. *gulp?/yay!* one way is to maybe post more…i know i constantly say i will, put often don’t. hmmm… better stop being so flaky… :O.

today i’m posting some more stuff from last semester. it was more of a sketchbook/thinking/playing around type semester. it was fun, i made a bunch of small nice pieces that explored some ideas iv’e been having, but i don’t feel i made very many “powerful” pieces. nevertheless, they are enjoyable enough to look at. 🙂

more from my slug collection

some little collage experiments

and a couple of other little paintings of my ladys.



that’s that for now! …gotta get to work!


rosa n.