Fish Girl

fishgirlhi there,

im slowly getting back into posting again, so here’s fish girl to start!

a million projects and ideas started; it’s time for those ideas to inhabit the internet once more ❤




Its a peculiar pickle


missed me? i missed you ❤

it’s been a while 🙂 … a lot has happened, good things!

1. im 3 issues into an zine called friends in low places, in collaboration with local chicago artist popacop

2. my first issue of the pixilated pickle my mini zine with a riveting expose on the history of internet porn. get your hands on it here (along with some other goodies)!

3. look at this new painting! !!! i had a panic attack at the dentist office the day i finished it…a legit panic attack…gahhhh. those novacane packed needles give me the creeps. anywhosers, i’m thinking of making more dentist office appropriate paintings…or doctor office art…gynecologist art?

4. some other details include….  getting ready for a solo show in October 2015! …. a new library job 🙂 ….paying off student loans …. experimenting with ghillie suits, pompoms and receipt printers, …. new basement studio space…yay!!! …picking backyard berries, seducing octopi….

till we meet again!!!


rosa ❤

Sushi Doodles

just little sushi watercolors i pushed out the other day 🙂

sushi4 sushi1 sushi5 sushi3 sushi2

mostly im trying to post stuff up again!! so much has happened in six months!! mostly killing it at the day job, mail swapping with wonerful people around the globe (you should try it!) and zine publishing with a partner and starting out our own publication company!

now as 6 months of dust beguin to settle big things are in the horizon… like a solo show in october 😉

hopefuly put some content up again 😛 i shoulde’t be this terrible at the blogging thing but i am….



rosa ❤


More Tiny Portraits!


i’d like to introduce two new mini portraits.

one of a fish (as always) and another of a sea pig!

for some unusual reason i’ve been really into making teeny tiny acrylic portraits of civilized animals. maybe its because i received a nice lot of paints a few weeks back from a friend. i guess it’s a “when life gives you lemons….” thing. 🙂 (thanks javi!).

thanks for clicking friends!


rosa n.

2016 Presidency


I am pleased to inform you that due to a reasons regarding national security, the Electoral College has pre-selected our head of government in advanced for the 58th presidential term.


President – Fennel H. Worthwood Sr.Worthwood


Vice President – Maurice Mosslake 




We are also proud to announce and advanced release of commemorative postage stamps honoring our new leaders. 

 Mosslake_stamp Worthwood_stamp



rosa n.