Sardines! In a can and with some carrots

hello! here’s another juicy post with new work and a few GIFS!!!

first up is the new member to the fish family, leafy fish. he is made similarly to the rest of the guys, except he isn’t based off any real fish per se. i wanted to make a transformative fish to get into my graduation portfolio that lightly references my carrot fish piece from earlier.

Sardines In a Can

Sardines in a Can Mobile GIF
Sardines in a Can Mobile GIF

the second mobile in the collection is sardines in a can. eight little blue pilchards freed from the confines of the can freely looking around at our dry world. how fun!

Lemon Carrot Mobile

Lemon Carrot Mobile GIF
Lemon Carrot Mobile GIF

lemon carrot is the latest mobile in the collection

this mobile is mostly further study into the process of making paper food and mobile design. i also wanted to create a scene where the fish aren’t really food themselves but instead admiring the food around them, such as we as terrestrial creatures often look at fish in wonder.

oh! but before i forget! just some notes, i’ve done a bit of updating to the site including some new galleries and including fantastic fish and a few illustration galleries. they have a few additional things i haven’t packed into a post just how the sketchpad page has some extras too.

bye bye friends, hope to see ya soon!


rosa n. xoxo


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