Fish Dinner Mobile

hey guys! whats up?

check this out! haven’t worked with gifs since high school but its probably the best way to share my fishy mobile online

it’s my fish dinner mobile!!!!


Fish Dinner Mobile
Fish Dinner Mobile

the mobile hangs from a fork and knife (stolen from mom’s kitchen). all the pieces of the mobile are watercolour, paper, aluminum foil and a ton of mod podge! i am so excited about it, if feels great to escape the flat painting surface and create something animated we can interact with.

plus, it’s still watercolored…so it fits my major! hehe…

making this mobile was quite the adventure. believe it or not there are not very many “starter books” on designing mobiles. there are  books on calder’s work and a few paper mobile template books but nothing at the library that gives the basics. after the fact, i did find a kindle book on the subject. its called making creative mobiles by timothy rose. i’ve yet to read it, but i’ll get to it soon ;). still, balancing out the mobile wasn’t too hard. just time consuming. it’s all problem solving (which i love). i did learn that it is easier to work your way up instead of down when adjusting.

(oh and here’s a youtube clip)

i am fish crazy right now. currently in progress is a sardine mobile, hopefully finished by sunday afternoon. I spent all of today working on getting this piece documented for a couple of show submissions, so there is a TON to do! ….busy busy busy….@.@ especially with the  semester is coming to an end soon! so much to print, prepare and present! ahhh!

bug ya soon!


rosa n.


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