Work for Shows this Feburary

hello friends!
aww rats! wow what a week… i’m all “to-do listed” out. “(⊙_◎)”
in the spirit of the perpetual to-do list i will list off what has been going on since the last post

i think i left off on…
+ first friday’s pin-up show
+ published a facebook page
+ fish dinner w.i.p.
+ battling with a looming cold
+ s.e.a conference friday through saturday
+ 10 girls by 10 women show at the orchard
+ victory for the cold
+ upcoming: midterms…

+ first friday’s pin-up show

this is the piece i made for february’s first friday show in the art bar at the two brothers roundhouse in aurora il.her_circusshe was accompanied by two pieces from previous posts : miss mushroom and miss octella.

second, i also published a facebook “like” page!

this means you can now “like” me as an artist!

there’s also further progress on the fish dinner 3-d piece from the last post:

here are a few pictures courtesy of my ipod, as well as a few i managed to take while working at home on the garnish. the tomatoes are still being perfected and as well as the plans to display this piece. although the plate makes for a charming display i want to display them in a more playful setting. more to come on that subject. (¬‿¬)


an epic fight carries on within my body an in attempt to prevent a takeover of a cold virus… i feel every jab and kick of those bodily acting and reacting…


the s.e.a conference friday through saturday

s.e.a. aka self-employment in the arts is a program to help artists of all kinds with the in’s and out’s of being self-employed. i went to their annual conference this weekend where i spent my friday and saturday gathering gems of wisdom from all sorts of wonderful creatives. If you’re on the self-employed artist boat then i highly recommend this conference. the student rate is $99 for two days, super bargain. there are sooo many presenters of all types covering a wide range of subjects. you won’t be disappointed. i can gush about the meeting for a few more paragraphs but i think i should move on to more art. for more info on s.e.a. visit

anyways, right after the conference i ran right through the shower, put on a clean shirt and than to the opening reception for…

the 10 girls by 10 women show at the orchard

i was also invited to make work for a show called 10 girls by 10 women: 10 women artists created their own artwork inspired by the art of 10 girls. the piece i was granted was by a young girl named claudiaafter quite a while of studying her drawing this is what happened:world for claudiai do hope my interpretation is not too far off what she created. the reception was last night and i am a little bummed out i did not get the chance to meet claudia and her family. the show was quite interesting and it was quite the full house!

fast forward to this morning…

 victory for the cold.

it is amazing how your body fights these things, but after a lot of running around and not sleeping…the cold won. pj’s, fluids, echinacea, mulled wine, swedish bitters and hopefully some rest. mostly unlikely since…

midterms are this week


so.. i’m gonna stop writing now and go work on…

a mock cover letter, an artist statement, a statement on my “medium of choice” *sight*, a fish sculpture, start a piece for march’s first friday *trailing off* lol.

 \(^▽^)/ it’s fun being busy!

take care and see ya soon!




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