more stuff from watercolor 403

another semester is alive and kicking and i am doing my best to keep on making.

i’ve started signing up for a few local art shows and contests. i’m doing my best to push my my career ahead, especially now that graduation is 3 months away. *gulp?/yay!* one way is to maybe post more…i know i constantly say i will, put often don’t. hmmm… better stop being so flaky… :O.

today i’m posting some more stuff from last semester. it was more of a sketchbook/thinking/playing around type semester. it was fun, i made a bunch of small nice pieces that explored some ideas iv’e been having, but i don’t feel i made very many “powerful” pieces. nevertheless, they are enjoyable enough to look at. 🙂

more from my slug collection

some little collage experiments

and a couple of other little paintings of my ladys.



that’s that for now! …gotta get to work!


rosa n.


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