new stuff from watercolor 403

happy post-holidays friends,

or almost post holidays, personally i don’t care for new year’s. it’s sort boring and it means winter break will be over soon too…the only good thing about it is new years resolutions, but i like to have my resolutions list ready before new years eve just to make sure i get as much as the new year as i can to work on all that “re-solving”.

but enough with the musings! i have to share some art from my watercolor painting class! a good chunk of it is still at school for grading but here are a few of my favorite pieces. this semester i found myself working a lot smaller, mostly because i spent the whole semester trying to figure out what i was gonna focus on. only then to find that the semester was over and all i had was a bunch fairly odd small paintings.

thanks for clicking!

rosa n.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ xo


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