Creation 01: a jab at photography

challenge copyCreation 01: Photography

for my first creative delivery i present to you some photography!

it’s a collection of photos from the beginning of the week that i took around my parents farm and garden. then i took some time playing around with photoshop adjustments to make them look warm and fuzy.

this is outside my comfort zone since i know im not much of a photographer nor do i know much about photography itself, but the point is to explore a little. right? using the adjustment panel on ps is also new, the most i’ve done is restore photos with it. restoring easy since you know how you need the pictures to look, but when its about creating “anything” it can get clumsy. Attribute it to making a cake from scratch, without a recipe. no direction. will it be a chocolate cake, upside down cake or crab cake!? lol but i digress….

magnolias magnoliasgrassy javiermy brother on the lawn mower

greenthumbedited green thumb haha

selfand a self portrait…

toodles for now,

rosa.  xo


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